WalkingDeadFamily.com was established in April 2013 after the Season 3 finale ended and most other fan chat rooms became vacant. We noticed fans were still excited about the show but were limited to social media for interactions with other like-minded fans. Since we already had the resources available to us (with over a decade of web design experience including professional sites as well as similar fan chat sites), we set up the site as a year-round place to share our Walking Dead enthusiasm in both on and off season.

On August 9, 2013 the site was redesigned in order to facilitate a massive Trivia Tournament (Sept. 15-Oct. 6 2013), followed on August 21, 2013 by a new custom in-house hosted chat room. A new blog was added on September 26, 2013 along with online versions of the live trivia games. In May 2016, the current design was introduced to update the look and provide room for additional content planned to be added before the Season Seven premiere in October 2016.

The site is owned, funded, and run by a small group of fans like you. Our mission is to provide a private venue for fans to talk with other fans, where the conversation is not public or archived the way social media is. While the site is primarily promoted through social media, we welcome anyone who finds us in any way they come. Our goal is to encourage intelligent, respectful but frank discussion without fear of backlash from disagreeing or biased fans, a problem common to social media. It can be a private place to discuss spoilers without unwittingly exposing other fans to unwelcome information (though if you choose to discuss spoilers, please make sure everyone in the room is warned beforehand). The conversation does not have to stick exclusively to The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead, though certainly those that come here have the common passion of one or both. We encourage you to get to know one another and share your lives as well as your TWD enthusiasm.

Everything we do is offered completely free of charge to our visitors, though we do have a few items for sale through places like Redbubble that help cover the cost of the site. Our chat room is open to all English speaking fans of The Walking Dead over 18 years old. Although there are generally no scheduled chats during the off season, we encourage all fans to meet up in the room whenever they would like to chat with their friends about things that are more private or might be inappropriate or less suitable for social media.

Email Admin@WalkingDeadFamily.com with questions or comments.