In 2013 prior to the Season Four premiere, WDF hosted a massive trivia tournament giving away well over $500 worth in Walking Dead memorabilia. Door prizes ranged from "wardrobe cards" (collector trading cards containing squares of actual walker costumes, most stained with Eulyn Womble's famous concoction for "walker blood") to coffee cups. There was a wide variety of prizes, and each week at least three people walked away winners: a randomized drawing for two door prizes and the winner of the trivia round, except the Grand Prize Round week which had five door prize drawings.

Each week for four weeks we hosted a game for one season, finishing off with a grand prize round week. The weekly winners walked away with a prize pack containing a DVD of the corresponding season's episodes, a figurine or plushie of a major character, a bloody handprint window decal, and a Funko mystery mini complimenting the season for which it was won. Participation in the Grand Prize Round required participation in at least two of the three prior weeks' contests. The Grand Prize Winner was @ScrappnFan, who took home all three seasons (that existed at the time) on DVD, a Woodbury canvas tote, and the surprise Grand Prize, a custom winner's certificate autographed by Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker which included a photo of Norman signing the certificate. The surprise Grand Prize was not unveiled until the completion of the Grand Prize Round.

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Season One Trivia
Season Two Trivia
Season Three Trivia
Grand Prize Round Questions

Additional games added after the 2013 tournament:
Season Four Trivia
Season Five Trivia